The NHS is facing a crisis:

The prevalence of mental health problems in our society is sharply on the rise. 1 in 5 people who visit their GP are seeking help with an emotional problem not just a physical complaint.

Doctors around the world are all striving for the same thing: the wellbeing of our patients. But, the number of people presenting with emotional problems varies widely from place to place. I want to better understand why this is and to use this knowledge to help enhance the wellbeing of our communities back home.

I'm undertaking a global project, travelling to diverse communities around the world (read more here)  to live and work alongside the doctors in those places, to explore the ways in which they meet the needs of their patients. I'll be fully immersing myself in these different cultures to gain insight into how our values, lifestyles and environments impact our wellbeing.

The project has two main thrusts:

  • RESEARCH: To Produce a body of academic research, based on discussion groups and interviews conducted in each location (read more here).

  • FILM: To work  with a team to produce a documentary. The film will follow me on my journey, uncovering the dynamics between person and place, community and value (read more here).

I am keen to encounter new perspectives and ways of thinking and to discover if, as I suspect, a stronger sense of connectedness to one another is the positive effect we need to improve our health.

My mission is to meet as many people as possible, to hear as many voices as possible, and share their stories with as many others as I can!

I want to bring together ideas from all around the world so that, together, we can find better ways to live.