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'The heart of healing is connection. It's much more than medicine or injections. It is in the attentiveness of the person who cares and the person being cared for. It goes mutually, both ways. It is the same thing with art; when you create something beautiful it goes both ways and it has it's healing power. Actually you doctors are, in a way, artists.'

Marshall and Yuki live and create art on Hoy. They generously invited me into their home and shared their thoughts, their experiences and their amazing work.

I was moved by their love for their surroundings; present in their paintings, sculptures and words, and inspired by their descriptions of what it meant for them to be connected to an environment, to a community and indeed to their doctor.

As our conversation moved through their lives from England to Japan to Canada, it returned, in the end, to this small Scottish island. They'd found something unique, they said, what a place to end the journey. Yes, and what a place to start..

To see more of Marshall and Yuki's art, visit them at the Honeysuckle Cottage Gallery in Longhope, Hoy.

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