The Patient’s Voice (working title)


‘A doctor’s search for community in an age of isolation.’

Sophie Redlin, a young doctor in general practice, concerned by increasing numbers of people who now visit their doctor seeking emotional support is determined to find ways to improve the wellbeing of her patients. She will travel the world to meet and work alongside physicians in diverse communities (viz. Orkney, California, Japan, Norway and the Arctic Circle), and immerse herself in the day to day life of the people in these places to find out how they feel about their lives and to gain insight into how the dynamics between individual and community, person and place affect wellbeing. On this journey, by exploring the challenges particular communities face, she will seek to affirm that connectivity is fundamental to wellbeing.



  • Length: 90 minute feature length documentary.


  • Audience: Adults, with an interest in contemporary social issues/healthcare.


  • Goals: To inform audiences of the effect of community structure and culture on wellbeing. To encourage audiences to discuss wellbeing and its possible influencers and how this affects them and their society. To demonstrate that increased connectivity promotes increased wellbeing.


  • Style: Clean, minimalist depictions of settlements situated within landscapes will bring out the intrinsic and distinct beauty of each location. Distance and use of perspective will contextualise communities and human activity in the context of environment. Seemingly dislocated  voiceovers will contribute to the wistful and meditative tone, brought into focus by Sophie’s narrative. The photography will adopt the approach of unseen observation through the use of distance, extreme wides and drone filming, which will unobtrusively capture intimate portraits of individuals, communities and the urban space. Each settlement (be it a large city or small village) will be viewed as an organism in its own right, reflecting on the fact that an individual’s wellbeing can only be understood holistically. 

Sophie is the protagonist and the film will follow her journey. Her story will be told in a similar observational style with voice-overs of recordings made along the way, her conversations with interviewees in the community and her own reflections.