The project will involve research and filming in six locations selected for their diverse geographies (human and natural), size and cultures -

  • London

  • Hoy, Orkney

  •  Chico, California

  • Nunavut, Canada

  • Tadami, Fukushima, Japan

  • Bergen, Norway

 Staying at least 4 weeks in each , I will work with a general practitioner from the community who has agreed to allow me access to  patients so that I can talk with them individually and in groups. Immersing myself in the local community and participating in the life of its populus I will seek to understand their particular needs and challenges, and to shape a meaningful narrative about what different communities value, and how they strive to achieve a sense of wellbeing in their lives. 

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Nunavut, Canada

Nunavut, founded in 1999 is the most northern and least populous territory of Canada with about 32,000 residents who are mostly Inuit (they have lived in this vast region of 1,750,000sq km continuously for more than 4000 years). Birth rates are significantly higher than the Canadian average (as are the proportion of people aged under 25).Suicide rates are high and alcoholism rife.